About Erbil Polytechnic University:
Before 1991 uprising the technical institutes in the region were run by the Foundation of Technical Institutes in Baghdad. In 1993 The Kurdistan National Assembly (Parliament) decided to establish a local technical foundation for Kurdistan region (i.e. the three governorates, Erbil, Sulemani and Duhok). In 1996 this foundation started acting under the name of Technical Institutes Foundation, which later on divided into two foundations, one of them supervising the institutes in Sulemani governorate area and the other one supervising the institutes in Erbil and Duhok governorates area. After establishment of technical colleges and noticeable expansion of the existing institutes, the title is changed to Foundation of Technical Education, one in Erbil and the second one in Sulemani. In 2012 after the skyline of Technical studying reached most cities and towns, the two main foundation of technical education (Erbil and Sulemani) were divided into three polytechnic universities in (Erbil, Sulemani, Duhok). One of them is Erbil Polytechnic University which consists of three technical colleges and eight technical institutes.
Ensuring a creative, comprehensive, and technical education, based on labor market needs, that focuses on providing local stakeholders needs and the dynamic needs of Kurdistan Region.

Serving students and the whole community.
Developing technical and vocational skills based on labour market needs.
Using new technology, and learning, through scientific trainings.
Building bridges between the technical institutions and the private sector, for training and finding job opportunities.

Meeting the standards and implementing quality assurance.
Preparing qualified graduates on all levels.
Developing the curricula of technical education in various fields. Promoting the independence of the university and the affiliated institutions.